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Do you plan to quit Facebook?

July 1, 2014: 11:25 AM ET

CNNMoney's #YourEconomy series moves beyond the numbers to look at the people who make up our economy.

Facebook has more than a billion users around the world. But privacy is always a concern. There has been a huge uproar following the news that the social media giant ran a study in 2010 that intentionally tried to manipulate emotions of users.

Some people had content in their News Feeds that featured more positive posts while others had more negative ones. Facebook and a team of researchers were trying to test for "emotional contagion." If you were exposed to more negative posts, would your own updates become more negative as well?

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This is not the first time Facebook has been under attack for how it treats its users. But even though all users agree that their feeds could be used for research once they click on Facebook's terms of service, has the company finally gone too far? Are you considering leaving the social network?

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