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Best way to contact your Obamacare insurer? Twitter!

January 31, 2014: 6:00 AM ET

Tired of listening to endless hold music while waiting to talk to your Obamacare insurer? Try tweeting it.

Frustrated consumers have taken to social media to contact or complain about their Obamacare insurers. Many have questions or are encountering problems with their new benefits, but can't reach their insurer to resolve the matter.

And insurers are listening. They are reaching out to their new members to get their contact info or give them alternate numbers to call.

For some, it's solving their problems. David Schmidt, 29,  signed up for an Anthem Blue Cross plan in late November, but never received his ID number. He called and called in January, but often couldn't even get in the queue to speak with someone because the lines were too busy.

Finally, he tweeted at a public relations executive at the insurer.

A representative from the company called him back and left a message on his phone. Schmidt called back the next day and got his ID number.

"The 7 week saga is finally over," said Schmidt of Eastvale, Calif. "Oh the power of a tweet when nothing else was working."

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Tami Luhby
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