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Meet the people who are getting hired these days...

December 6, 2013: 5:03 PM ET

2013 is on track to be the strongest year for hiring since 2005, which is great news, given the jobs recovery has been frustratingly slow for three years.

With 11 million Americans still unemployed, the job market is far from fully healed, but we're happy to celebrate along with our readers who recently found new jobs.

Stephanie jumped back into the job market after 10 years

She's not the only one. About 445,000 people joined the labor force in November, according to the Labor Department.

Matthew turned a temp job into a permanent one

Nick was hired for a seasonal job, but hopes it will become permanent

Brad is a new 911 dispatcher

It's not just a low wage recovery...

Several readers tweeted us about great new positions in finance and management. Professional and business services added 35,000 jobs in November alone.

Of course, tech jobs are still hot

Students are finding jobs too

These jobs will come in handy for paying off those pesky student loans. Young people, ages 16 to 24, still have a very high unemployment rate, at 14%.

We also heard good news from some recent grads...

Many, many congratulations to you all!

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