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Delayed jobs report to be released Tuesday

October 17, 2013: 4:59 PM ET

The wait is finally over.

The Department of Labor plans to release its September jobs report on Tuesday, October 22. The report, which tallies the number of jobs created each month and calculates the nation's unemployment rate, has been delayed since October 4 amid the federal government shutdown.

During that time, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which compiles the report, had only three staff members working. As a result, the agency was also unable to collect the data it needs for the October jobs report.

That report will now be released on Friday, November 8, a week later than originally planned.

"Due to a lapse in funding, the Bureau of Labor Statistics data collection, analysis, and dissemination activities were suspended from Oct. 1 through Oct. 16," said BLS spokeswoman Stacey Standish.

The BLS usually conducts two massive nationwide surveys each month, during the week including the 12th. One surveys about 60,000 households and the other collects employment data from 145,000 businesses and government agencies.

According to the last surveys, the unemployment rate was 7.3% in August.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also published an online update to its schedule for other economic indicators.

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