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Are you feeling BlackBerry's pain?

August 3, 2013: 3:48 PM ET

CNNMoney's #YourEconomy series moves beyond the numbers to look at the people who make up our economy.

Our latest question: BlackBerry helped build the local economy in Waterloo, Ontario, but the company has faced serious struggles recently. Have you felt the impact?

Perhaps you're a current or former BlackBerry employee, or a BlackBerry developer who relies on the company. Maybe you're a Waterloo business owner or resident.  Tell us your story.

Your name and comments will not be published without your permission. If we plan to follow up on your submission, we'll contact you.

Annalyn Kurtz
Annalyn Kurtz

Annalyn Kurtz is a senior writer at CNNMoney, where she covers America's jobs crisis, Federal Reserve policy and other economic news.

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