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Where CEOs get paid the least

April 1, 2013: 3:49 PM ET

130401033238-chart-ceo-average-pay--614xaSure, it's nice to rise to occupy a company's corner office ... but how lucrative it is depends on what state you're in.

There's a very wide variation in average CEO pay. Chief executives in some places make $100,000 more, on average, than their peers in other states, according to new federal statistics.

Overall, CEOs earn an average of $176,840 a year, which translates into $85.02 an hour. That seems pretty sweet -- especially compared to the typical pay for, say, office receptionists, who average $13 an hour, for an annual total of $27,050.

But CEOs aren't the highest paid on the Bureau of Labor Statistics' list: Anesthesiologists make $232,830 a year, or $111.94 an hour, on average.

Check out how much the average CEO makes in your state:

State Annual average wage
Connecticut $210,070
Delaware $204,950
Rhode Island $200,710
North Carolina $200,380
California $197,060
Oregon $196,680
Massachusetts $196,130
New York $195,330
Florida $194,050
Virginia $192,960
Nebraska $192,310
New Jersey $192,160
Washington $190,770
Maryland $190,570
Georgia $185,030
District of Columbia $184,980
Texas $181,830
Louisiana $181,510
Wisconsin $180,620
Alabama $179,680
New Hampshire $178,560
Pennsylvania $177,770
Ohio $176,230
Colorado $176,080
Minnesota $173,810
Indiana $172,270
Nevada $171,050
Alaska $166,080
Arizona $163,220
Michigan $162,880
Illinois $162,370
Vermont $160,880
South Carolina $157,020
Kansas $156,750
Iowa $154,820
Missouri $154,540
Tennessee $153,720
South Dakota $153,190
Kentucky $153,140
North Dakota $149,070
Arkansas $148,020
Maine $146,400
Utah $145,670
Hawaii $144,990
Oklahoma $141,940
Wyoming $133,190
Idaho $131,800
West Virginia $129,510
Puerto Rico $122,960
Montana $113,430
Mississippi $103,730
New Mexico *
*Estimate not released
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