Inflation? Not on your Thanksgiving dinner

The average price for a Thanksgiving dinner fell this year in several states, including Arizona, Indiana, Missouri, Virginia and Wisconsin.

And nationwide, the average price for a dinner for 10 people, rose only 28 cents or 0.6%, the smallest yearly increase since the recession in 2009.

So much for inflation.

It costs about $49.48 to feed a family of 10 with turkey and all the fixings this year, according to an informal survey by the American Farm Bureau Federation.

The most expensive item on the average grocery list, not surprisingly, is the turkey. A 16-pound turkey costs an average of $22.23 this year, up 66 cents from last year.

"A slight increase in demand for turkey is responsible for the moderate price increase our shoppers reported for the bird," said John Anderson, AFBF's deputy chief economist in a statement.

Prices fell on sweet potatoes, cubed stuffing, milk, cranberries and pumpkin pie mix. The survey also includes a few other items like milk, pie shells and miscellaneous ingredients.

AFBF conducts the survey by sending 155 volunteer shoppers to check prices in their local stores.