Did you get a job? Tweet us about it. #igotajob

As we prepare to cover the jobs report on Friday, we're looking for real people to share their stories about the job market. Did you get a job recently? Tweet your story to @CNNMoney with the hashtag #igotajob.

With 12.5 million Americans still unemployed, it's tough out there to say the least. But as I monitor Twitter, I'm encouraged to find some uplifting stories.

Take for instance Janel Porter of Louisville, Ky. who searched for two years and finally landed a job as a data entry worker at Humana. It's a temp job, but she's thankful for the fresh start.

Then there's Jack DeManche of Boston, Ma. who was hired as a social media manager for, soon after he graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Congratulations to these Tweeters, and remember to share your story with @CNNMoney too. Economists surveyed by CNNMoney predict the next jobs report will show employers created 110,000 jobs in September.