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Who's got the money?

May 31, 2012: 2:00 PM ET

Who makes the big bucks in America?

Middle-aged white couples.

We all know that income is concentrated in the United States, but Sentier Research has crunched the data to show just who has the money.

Take a look at the breakdown by race:

White households have an aggregate income of $6.2 trillion, while Hispanics have an aggregate income of $710 billion and blacks $641 billion. Asians, meanwhile, have $419 billion.

To be sure, there are more white households in the U.S. But they and Asians have a greater share of the total income than their share of households. Blacks and Hispanics have a smaller slice of the pie.

California residents, meanwhile, command almost 13% of the nation's aggregate income...or a cool $1 trillion.

And check out how much residents of the top 10 states with the largest total incomes pull in:

Sentier also calculated that married couples have an aggregate income of $5.4 trillion, far more than the $1.2 trillion earned by single folks and the $421 billion brought home by single-parent households.

And among married couples, those age 35 to 54 received more than half the total income, or $2.8 trillion.

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