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Romney vs. Obama Twitter war gets graphic

April 11, 2012: 3:44 PM ET

This could turn ugly quickly.

Now that Mitt Romney has all but been officially crowned the Republican nominee, a war of words (and graphics) is heating up between him and President Obama on Twitter.

The two sparred about job creation and women today, with Romney even targeting the President's Twitter handle directly.

The tweet included an infographic created by his campaign, pointing to an eye-popping statistic claiming that 92.3% of jobs lost under the President's watch have been jobs held by women. (That data is true, but check out CNN's Political Ticker for more about the missing context.)

Obama responded with an attack on Romney's overseas finances and a map to go with it. That said, the chart is filled with question marks and offers up this disclaimer: "We don't know if he's using these accounts to avoid paying his fair share in taxes."

The good news is, no matter which campaign you support, both are creating jobs -- for graphic designers and social media whizzes at least.

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