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The Fed joins Twitter

March 14, 2012: 10:20 AM ET

Is this another one of the Fed's moves to increase transparency with the public? Or did #FedValentines push the central bank over the edge?

The Federal Reserve --historically known as one of the more hushed, stoic parts of government -- joined Twitter this morning. You can follow it at @federalreserve.

To start, the Fed said its first foray into tweeting won't consist of much more than press releases, speeches, testimony, reports to the Congress and data from the Fed's balance sheet. How they'll fit any of those things into 140 characters, is beyond me.

We're hoping Ben Bernanke himself will eventually come around to tweeting. Much like the president and first lady, he could sign off his posts with a simple, yet elegant "-bb."

The Fed already had a YouTube Channel and many of its regional banks had Twitter accounts. (I've created a list here of official Fed accounts.)

Next up, Facebook?

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