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Obama wants to give you $4,000 toward job training

March 12, 2012: 4:58 PM ET
Obama jobs

President Obama wants to expand training for the unemployed.

Here's the latest way President Obama wants to help the unemployed.

The president is looking to give displaced workers $4,000 a year to pursue training in technical fields to land new jobs.

The grants are part of the latest jobs proposal unveiled by Obama Monday. Many of them have gone nowhere as Congress and the White House continue to fight over the best way to promote job creation.

The plan would provide additional counseling and job search assistance for those who lost their jobs because their employer closed a plant or division, moved or abolished their position or had insufficient work for them to do.

Up to a million workers a year would be eligible for help under the Universal Displaced Worker Program, the White House said.

In addition to the grants, workers would receive re-employment counseling and weekly stipends of up to $300 for childcare, transportation and other expenses. Also, the program would provide up to $1,250 for relocation expenses to other cities or states.

Older workers who land new jobs paying less than $50,000 would be eligible for so-called "wage insurance" for up to two years if their new jobs lay less than their previous ones. The insurance would partially offset the earnings loss.

The president's plan also calls for the creation of the American Job Center Network, which would unify federally-supported One-Stop Career Centers and provide jobless Americans with an online tool or 800 number through which they could access services.

Several of the elements of the president's proposal exist in one form or another in some states, but are not available uniformly nationwide or need additional funding to support the hordes of jobless Americans seeking help.

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