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This is what you get for saving the eurozone

February 28, 2012: 1:32 PM ET

Angela Merkel just can't catch a break.

The German chancellor has spent the past few years jetting around Europe in a desperate attempt to keep the continent's monetary union from dissolving, a feat that has required political acrobatics and stiff resolve.

Now she has a new problem: beer showers.

Thanks to the internet, we now have video of a waiter inadvertently dumping five full glasses of beer down Merkel's back. The German leader appears, as usual, totally unfazed.

Of course, this isn't the first time Merkel's back has come under attack in a public setting. President George W. Bush once famously attempted to give Merkel a drive-by back rub at a 2009 G-8 summit.

Over on the Twitters, the Merkel parody account @Angela_D_Merkel is having some fun with the beer incident. The best tweet?

"I always knew that rubber underwear would come in useful. #beertray."

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